190 Milwaukee neighborhoods

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South SideNavigation
(where most or all of the neighborhood is north of Bolivar, west of Howell, south of the Menomonee River Valley, and east of 27th St.)
Number Neighborhood Approximate boundaries Neighborhood also
known as:
S 1 Mitchell Park N-Railroad tracks; S-W. Pierce St; E-N. 16th St; W-S. Layton Blvd  Historic/Old South Side
S 2 Walker’s Point N-W. Seeboth St (partial) Menomonee River; S-W. Greenfield Ave; E-S. First St; W-S. Cesar Chavez Dr/S. 16th St    Fifth Ward
S 3 Clarke Square N-W. Pierce St; S-W. Greenfield Ave; E-S. Cesar E. Chavez Dr;  W-S. Layton Blvd     
S 4 Muskego Way N-W. Greenfield Ave; S-W. Becher St; E-S. 16th St; W-S. Layton Blvd  
S 5 Historic Mitchell Street N-W. Greenfield Ave; S-W. Becher St; E-S. 5th St; W-S. 16th St  t  Historic/Old South Side
S 6 Clock Tower Acres N-W. Greenfield Ave; S-W. Becher St; E-S. Kinnickinnick Ave; W-I-94  Historic/Old South Side
S 7 Forest Home Hills* N-W. Becher St; S-W. Cleveland Ave; E-S. 16th St; W-S. 27th St (partial) W. Forest Home Ave   Park Neighborhoods, Historic/Old South Side
S 8 Lincoln Village* N-W. Becher St; S-W. Harrison Ave; E-I-94 Freeway; W-S. 16th St  Park Neighborhoods, Historic/Old South Side
S 9 Baran Park* N- W. Becher St; S- W. Harrison Ave; E-KK River/S. 1st St; W- I-94 Freeway      Park Neighborhoods, Historic/Old South Side
S 10 Southgate N-W. Cleveland Ave; S-W. Morgan Ave; E-S. 20th St; W-S. 35th St/W. Lakefield Dr     
S 11 Polonia N-W. Harrison Ave; S-W. Oklahoma Ave; E-I-94; W-S. 20th St  Garden District
S 12 Morgandale N-W. Oklahoma Ave; S-W. Howard Ave; E-S. 6th St/I-94; W-S. 20th St   Garden District
S 13 Southpoint N-W. Morgan Ave; S-W. Howard Ave; E-S. 20th St; W-S. 35th St   
S 14 Saveland Park N-E. Holt Ave; S-E. Howard Ave; E-S. Howell Ave; W-S. 6th St  Garden District
SN 15 Wilson Park N-W. Howard Ave; S-W. Layton Ave; E-I-94; W-S. 27th St  Garden District


*See full documentary of the Old South Side neighborhoods at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cPFBD5q6JiQ&feature=youtu.be


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